Salthouse England

Startup logo and brand theme

The first steps to a beautiful brand

This is a designers dream – to be there at the very beginning. When the concept of an idea is brought to the table. And once a name had been decided upon – that’s how fresh this idea was – Salthouse just needed a logo!

Our second requirement was to create imagery that could be used on social channels, to create a buzz before production was complete. We had a single prototype but with the power of Photoshop we brought a whole range of products to market with colour and texture.

“I had a very clear idea of how I wanted Salthouse to look and I had colours, textures and even fonts in mind.

Being able to reach out on socials to showcase the product colour range, before they were manufactured, was amazing!”



When your products are all about current trends and seasonal colours, you don’t need to a complicated pallet. Salthouse, for their launch year at least, wanted Coral to feature heavily.

Salthouse are a vegan brand, with a love of their homeland and dreams of escapism, we took the ocean from English shores to exotic destinations as inspiration for this.

You can read about Pantone® Living Coral here in our Lab…








The Salthouse font families

We use three very contrasting font families for Salthouse. The Primary font, which will almost exclusively appear on all forms of media, is the modern sans serif font – Brandon Grotesque.

The display font brings the confidence, accent brings informality.




Future thinking

Though less than a year old, we have considered how the brand would appear in application for the future – in packaging, email marketing, on the high street and in store.

Website concepts

Website themes are a great way to fast-track the design process. But they will always need customisation to infuse your brand upon them and some who knows their way around host servers and DNS, content management systems, page builders and image manipulation to get things up and running.

We can help with all of this. And more.