Brochure and Product Guide Design

Learniture Brochure Design - More than just Chalk and Talk

The Learniture Brochure was designed to demonstrate the easy furnishing solution the company offers.

Learniture furniture was developed to be a simplistic, ‘off the peg’ version of its sister company, Spaceoasis.

The branding demonstrates the company’s ethos of being simple and easy to incorporate into office and school interiors.

Brochure and Product Guide

The Learniture brochure design included an introduction to the company and its’ ethos. The design presents cases studies and examples on how classrooms could benefit from flexible layouts. Additionally, it features a ‘short-list’ product guide.

The heavy use of Learniture lime green throughout to establish an association with their products and their brand.

“We passionately believe that high quality, next-generation learning environments should be accessible to all, so we have designed a unique furniture range to help make that happen.”


Case Studies

This case study featured Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich, South-East London. The brief was to demonstrate how Learniture had transformed theit Flexible Learning Centre. The fresh, modern spaces offer a greater variety of learning opportunities – including writeable surface tables.

Traditional & Progressive Workingspaces

Keeping the spreads fresh and clean with a great deal of white space worked well for the Learniture brochure. The products are so aesthtically pleasing, they speak for themselves.

Ergonomics & Cognition

Using a combination of custom illustrations and photography lends itself beautifully to a ‘chalk board’ background. Alternatively, text on a feature ‘whiteboard’ stands out within the image, drawing the eye to it.

Themed Product Shots

“By installing flexible dry-wipe tables and chairs you can try moving things around, see how that feels and gradually you begin to understand the impact of an agile environment.”