Incentive Website Design

Incentive website design

Staff Incentive Website Design

Encouraging staff sales - the incentive website design needed to be slick, intuitive and 'on brand'.

Focussing on the brand’s beautifully classic styling meant that staff would be inspired to perform to their utmost, leading to success for the business and a gift for them too.

The incentive scheme included numerous different gifts that the staff member could choose from. However, only the most high-end brands were used in order to demonstrate the standard of gift that a staff member could receive if they performed well throughout various periods of the year.

Using the most attractive images provided ensured that staff felt compelled to achieve the top gifts. The website design provided a clean, clear guide in order to be certain all staff fully understood how simply they could build points to earn the gifts.

The incentive website design provided a simple login, in order to make the process self-explanatory and allow a simple user experience.

This ensured they could monitor their own progress, logging their sales to their account until they reached enough points to choose their gift.

Incentive website design