Land Referencing Services

Corporate Identity Refresh


Land Referencing Services (LRS) were looking for a total brand overhaul to represent their fast-paced growth and high level expertise in their market.

We worked through every aspect of their business, their brand ideology, their competitors and their ethos, and came up with a detailed brand guideline for every aspect of their marketing and communications.

From their logo to their website, they needed a look that represented their specialist abilities.

We began with working on their logo, comparing their competition and streamlining a set of designs which worked for them.

Once the logo was decided, our next step was to establish colourways and a typography styles.

“The brief was simple. As major players in our industry, we need to look like it too.”

Martin Glover, Co-founder

Letterhead and Business Cards

The letterhead has always been a staple item and the most basic carrier of a brand, along with a business card. But where letterheads barely make it into the carbon world these days, business cards most definitely still do – so make them something to be proud of.

We have used heavy duplex stock, in contrasting colours with metallic foil and a soft-touch laminate for LRS here.

The Primary Colour Swatch

Alongside the intentionally simple Primary Colour Swatch, we decided to include three RGB accent colours that were out of the traditionally achievable ‘gamut range’ of CMYK printing.

The majority of LRS’s marketing and communications take a digital form, for not just their website, showreel and email marketing. We also designed their presentations, letters and marketing material in digital, meaning we can take advantage of this visual ‘punch’.

We wanted LRS to be unique, so we researched their industry as a whole, as well as direct competitors, and steered away from them with our design choices.

Typography and 'H' Styles

There are some fantastic fonts and font resources out there. We chose Maitree and Roboto from Google Fonts for LRS. We wanted a modern serif and a contrasting sans-serif font to differentiate headline and display copy from paragraph, captions and labeling.

Limiting usage to 6x ‘H’ Styles plus a ‘paragraph’ and a ‘quotation’ style, helps to retain continuity across the website and these, in turn, are used in desktop publishing for stationery and other branded literature.

Website and Showreel

Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions.

Once the brand principles had been established, our next port of call was to create a showreel which demonstrated the fast-paced growth of the company, as well as the speed that the industries LRS are involved in move at.

This is backed up by a website which outlines their core services, industry sectors and showcases projects they have been involved with to help communicate their extensive experience. The brand cues are simple and recognisable and the message is clear. The homepage features their corporate showreel which helps to further to engage visitors.

Custom Icons

To assist with engagement and labeling and we have customised 34 icons which feature throughout the website. There is an icon for each service, sector and discipline.

Proposal Documents and Email Marketing

The newly established brand has been rolled out across all of LRS’s communication channnels in a very short period of time.

From simple email footers, social accounts, and email marketing campaigns through Tender and Method & Programme documents to Case Studies and Process Charts.