Tim Webley

Creative Director

It really feels like I’ve got my life together when my house, car and bike are clean at the same time. That sense of achievement if only for a fleeting moment.

You don’t have to spend much time around me to know I love bikes. I can make anything relate back to them and I wanted my sons to be awesome at mountain biking. I had two girls. They are awesome at everything except.

I’d rather be at the top of a mountain than on a beach – the views are better and there tend to be fewer people. Unless the mountain is Snowdon in mid Summer and then you might as well be in Magaluf.

We have a ‘Westie’ called Nelly. Her self -appointed role is to warn the family about everything that moves on TV and keep the garden cat/bird/wasp free but she will only let you tickle her with your feet. Not your hands.

Growing up, I never really found a super hero that I felt I aligned with. Obviously my Dad was all the hero I needed but he couldn’t do the basics like fly or even rip a phone book in half. Then in the Summer of 2015 Jakub Szamalek and everyone at CD Project Red give me ‘Geralt of Rivia’ – guys you nailed it!

Oh, and Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Give it a year or so and you’ll be hooked.