Claire Griffiths

Senior Designer

‘An image speaks a 1000 words’ – that logic applies to me.

I am much more comfortable working with images than writing words (especially when they need to be about me). So if my selection of pics doesn’t say enough, here’s a few words instead…

Ben, Happy, Yellow, Steve my Cat, White Beards, Bonbons, Family, NYC, F1, Sunshine, Walking Dead, Beaches, Elf, Cooking, Friends, Handbags, Skiathos, Bake off , Interiors, Grey, Star Wars, Fairy Lights, Champagne, Seaside, VW, Period Houses, Fine Dining, Ray Ban, Laughing, Shrewsbury, Christmas… oh and did I mention Yellow?

I think that just about sums me up.

Tim, is that ok?


[ Tim: “Yes.” ]