Corporate literature, exhibition and direct mail campaigns


When beautiful branding meets stunning materials

If it can be printed,
we can design it

Your brand may be able to reach further than you realise. We can manage your more typical corporate clothing requirements, but we also help clients with textile design, too.

Simple steps
to creating beautiful textile design

+ Brand elements

Establishing how we can utilise your brand elements provides the starting blocks for textile design concepts.

+ Want to make a statement piece?

We work with you to ensure the brief is clearly understood. Who is the demograph? What's trending right now? Exploring all of your options early on enures you'll love the final result.

Sometimes you have to
dare to be different

We incorporate elements of your brand identity to create unique and desirable fashion pieces. From beautiful seasonal colourways to custom geometric patterns, we ensure your brand remains as strong in textile design as in print, digital and online.