Corporate literature, exhibition and direct mail campaigns


Informal & engaging brand communication.


Reaching your audience tangibly

With 20 years of magazine design under our belts, we know how to create publications with maximum results.

Because of this, you can trust The Design Frontier to create a well-structured, appealing magazine for your audience. We take the audience of your publication into account, be it your members, customers or staff.

A medium not to be discounted

Never underestimate the power of your magazine design. Despite this being an era where everything is available online, magazines are still a hugely popular way of reaching audiences.

There can be no denying, print magazine circulation has taken a huge hit in the digital age. However, from their look on the shelf, to how they look on a coffee table, magazines are a lifestyle choice still being made by millions. In fact, lifestyle magazines like Good Housekeeping and Country Living, are enjoying increased sales because of this.

What could be more enticing than a beautifully designed, glossy front cover? These days, uncoated or matt magazines are equally, if not more thumbable. To make vital suggestions like what stock to use, we consider who you want to pick your magazine up.