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Illustration Services



A picture paints a thousand words..

If you are looking for illustration services, you’ve landed in the right place. We provide illustations for brands, from either digital illustration to freehand diagrams, depending on what compliments the brand best.

Illustration has many applications. Our illustration service enables us to work for clients on book covers, websites, magazines, posters, and packaging. Above all, the illustrations we produce are always a key part of the design of the item.

Because of this, our focus is often the illustration before the text.

Custom Video

Digital illustrations were needed for a demonstration of a milk tank for our client.

The client recognised a niche in their market for the storage of refrigerated milk. They recognised a large number of Irish Dairy Farmers have a different requirement for the storage of refrigerated milk, compared in the rest of the UK.

They developed a cooling plate system which only required two condensers. That is to say, one to cool when milk levels were low and two additional plates to cool as the level rises. Because of this, the milk cools more efficiently and saves energy.


The Solution

The client needed to communicate the mechanics of this process to their potential customers both in print, and online. However the costs, and the logistics of photography made this almost impossible to achieve.

They contacted us to help come up with a solution, having worked with us before and developed trust in our ability to understand their needs.

Our team took the client’s rudimental drawings and we took it from there, using our previous knowledge of bulk milk tanks and supporting photography.