Exhibitions, building signage and large format display

  • Building graphics and signage.

    Stunning and functional building graphics.

    Directional acrylic signage

    Workspace branding and wayfinding signs

    Your building signage and graphics need to represent your business. This is because your office space is often one of the first impressions potential clients get of your company. However, this can be tricky to do with the majority of businesses renting their office space.

    We know how important it is to produce eye catching building signage and graphics which fit in with your brand. We ensure these are created in a way which will stand the test of time, looking beautiful and never weathering. Therefore, it is also important to ensure the materials used can beat the elements and remain looking like new.

    “The points of communication, the ‘way finding’ graphics, convey the personality of the building – bold, creative, forward thinking and fun in this instance”.

    vinyl directional lift signage
    BTC acrylic directional signage
  • Exhibition display design.

    Stand design & production,
    from concept to build.



    Elevate your branding (literally) so visitors can see you from a distance.


    Give your audience something interesting to watch, and communicate your key messages.


    As well as looking great, you're going to need somewhere to store (and lock away) your valuables.


    You want to stand out from the crowd - think about what makes you different.


    Give your key messages pride of place, in this case, how colour affects learning.


    Nothing proves you can do what you say you can better than, well, proof!


    Get visitors to engage with your brand, with competitions on social media.

    What makes a good
    exhibition display design?

    There are many visual features which, used together, help create eye-catching exhibition display design (you can see a few of these key design elements in the image above). We can help you from planning, costing & stand design through to production & installation.

    Be Materialistic…

    Use a range of different materials in your display design to really help your stand ‘stand-out’…

    Get Social…

    Competitions on social media are a great way of raising the profile of your brand, helping you stay connected with more of the visitors to your stand.

    Movie Time…

    Having a short showreel or movie running in prime position on your stand will help draw in the crowds.

    Creating detailed levels
    of interest

    Not everything on your exhibition stand should be visible from space… create levels of interest to keep visitors on your stand once they’ve arrived.

    Exhibition Design Poster
    Exhibition Design Poster
    Exhibition Design Poster
    Exhibition Design Poster
    Exhibition Design Poster
    Exhibition Design Poster

    A range of exhibition display posters depicting female pioneers of ‘STEM’

  • Poster design.

    Large-scale visual impact for your brand.


    Poster design

    A beautiful poster design catches the eye of the audience in an instant, delivering your marketing message precisely.

    Whether you’re looking to display a large format message or create an advertising campaign, we can create the perfect design.

    Posters are great for events and advertising in areas of high public footfall. For example, shopping centres, bus stops and even sides of buses.

    These days, posters don’t even have to be printed media, they can be digital adverts or a banner on a webpage.

    Poster design and branding

    Getting the message spot on is the key to successful poster design.

    To do this, we create bespoke posters around your brief, considering the goal you want to achieve. We create a poster that works and conveys your message effectively. Above all else, we select the right images, typography and illustrations to create something you can be proud of.

    In the right location, good poster design remains a visually powerful, high-impact medium.


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