Brand creation, development and guardianship


Ensuring that 'you, look like you'.


Brand guidelines are the bible to portraying your business correctly in all circumstances. Consistency protects your brand from confusion or contradiction. From online brand guidelines, to guides for marketing like letter heads and business cards.

Your brand guidelines also allow you to portray your business in a uniformed approach. This is useful when speaking to potential and existing clients in presentations, as well as internally. Therefore, a business’s guidelines will include the tone of voice, logo details, brand image and personality. We even detail styling and how others can use them.

It could be a new logo

or your existing one…

We develop brand guides that work alongside your brand in order to deliver your message. For instance, providing an overview of your brand’s history and values or showing your primary and secondary colour palettes.

In turn these are detailed with breakdowns for print, screen and web, perfectly executing results for each medium.

Keep it all consistent


You might have a preferred design agency for print; brochures, stationery or advertising and a separate company for your website… Perhaps your admin staff create internal documentation your sales staff use, which in turn, your stockists see?

You need some rules to ensure that ‘You, Look Like You’ everywhere. But brand guidelines don’t have to be complicated.


Brand Message

To effectively communicate what your brand does, your values and who you are, we listen to you. This helps us build a brand that you can own, that reflects your vision. Ultimately, we create something you can be proud of.