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  • Logo design.

    The cornerstone of your brand identity.

    Logo Design
    Logo Design

    The first visual step towards developing your brand.

    A strong logo design is the nucleus around which great brands are built. It’s the single most recognisable element of a brand identity, so spending a little time crafting and honing a logo is well worth the investment.

    It can have a huge impact too. Developing a brand mark which is visually unique allows you to create a positive first impression. You can build trust and elevate your brand’s perceived value – all in just one glance.

    Works well individually or as part of a team…

    A logo may need to work in isolation, so has a lot of responsibility for representing your brand clearly.

    A great logo design will be instantly recognisable and communicate the brand’s core values and ‘character’. Clever use of colour and typography can turn a simple concept into an iconic brand mark.

    A selection of our logo design work

    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design
    Logo Design

    Whether you’re a hairdresser or a product manufacturer, a well designed logo will work wonders for your brand.

  • Brand guidelines.

    Ensuring, "you, look like you!"

    Your corporate bible.

    Brand guidelines are the bible to portraying your business correctly in all circumstances. Consistency protects your brand from confusion or contradiction. From online brand guidelines, to guides for marketing like letter heads and business cards.

    We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to household names. It may seem like they don’t have much in common – except an exciting viewpoint and the ambition to suceed.

    Your brand guidelines also allow you to portray your business in a uniformed approach. This is useful when speaking to potential and existing clients in presentations, as well as internally. Therefore, a business’s guidelines will include the tone of voice, logo details, brand image and personality. We even detail styling and how others can use them.

    It could be a new logo

    or your existing one…

    We develop brand guides that work alongside your brand in order to deliver your message. For instance, providing an overview of your brand’s history and values or showing your primary and secondary colour palettes.

    In turn these are detailed with breakdowns for print, screen and web, perfectly executing results for each medium.

    Keep it all consistent

    You might have a preferred design agency for print; brochures, stationery or advertising and a separate company for your website… Perhaps your admin staff create internal documentation your sales staff use, which in turn, your stockists may see. A uniformed approach to all your collateral, along with your tone of voice, making it recognisably yours.

    You need some rules to ensure that ‘You, Look Like You’ everywhere. But brand guidelines don’t have to be complicated.

  • Brand development.

    Elevating your corporate image.

    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design

    Brand Development

    Developing a brand which resonates with your intended audience is vital in engaging and keeping interest. Because of this, we offer brand development which ensures your business remains in the minds of your potential clients.

    How your brand represents your USP is the single most important step towards success.

    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design

    Engaging your audience

    Your brand development is crucial in ensuring you are relevant, valuable and constantly evolving. By building a distinctive look and feel, we can communicate your USP in a fresh, engaging way.

    Your brand values and identity are key to what makes your business unique, so making them consistent is important. Creating brand recognition will ultimately increase loyalty for your customers, allowing an instantly identifiable look to everything you do.

    Logo evolution 1985 - 2018

    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
    Branding, logo modernisation, packaging, textile design
  • Business branding startup packs.

    Creating the perfect look for your new business.

    As a startup business, getting your branding nailed will be one of the most important steps you take.

    Starting a business can be a scary prospect, especially with the amount of (often unknown) costs involved. Business branding startup packs are an excellent way to know your costs before you start out.

    These consist of what all businesses need as a minimum for their marketing, ranging from a simple business card through to the design or redesign of a logo, letterhead, website and social media. Let us help you to illustrate your business goals with a cost-effective marketing package.


    Helping you to resonate with your audience.

    Your customer’s first impression of you is the best chance you have to be memorable and relevant.

    Explaining your idealogy for your business might be something that comes as second nature. But you need to catch your audience’s attention first. Business branding startup packs are the ideal choice, where your vision becomes recognisable as yours.


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