Christmas is coming…


Christmas is coming...

And with that begins a host of Christmas adverts.

With a record £6.8bn spent on Christmas advertising for 2019, it is the busiest time of the year for brands – with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis revealing their extravaganzas this week.

John Lewis yesterday sparked a buzz of excitement with a Twitter post featuring the hashtag #ExcitableEdgar – with websites speculating the possible plot and thousands making the brand trend on socials.

Walkers have joined in on the festivities with an advert featuring Mariah Carey taking an unconvincing bite of ‘pigs in blankets’ flavoured snacks – with the star reportedly paid a cool £9m to appear in the ad.

Marks and Spencer are due to release their advert next week, as brands battle for consumers hearts during the ‘golden quarter’, when shops make their largest profits. With shoppers expected to spend £80bn in the last six weeks leading up to Christmas, the trend of festive ads is set to continue.

Incredibly, online advertising spend is anticipated to overshadow television, with £8.6bn spent in the final quarter of 2019 alone.

And despite an expected decrease in television advertising over the next year, the Christmas television advert tradition continues to do good as well as promote, with Asda linking to a digital storybook with proceeds going to the retailer’s Fight Hunger Create Change initiative, and the success of Iceland’s Greenpeace social media storm one of 2018’s Christmas ad legends.