Victoria and Albert Museum announces ‘Innovate’ Schools programme


Victoria and Albert Museum announces
‘Innovate’ Schools programme.

This month, the V&A have introduced an exciting new programme available to every school in England. Called ‘V&A Innovate’, it has been created to champion Design and Technology as an exciting career pathway.

Encouraging students to take up STEM subjects at GCSE

The V&A have taken the opportunity to develop the Innovate programme to encourage students to take up D&T as a GCSE and to unlock the creative potential of the next generation of creatives.

Following the recent decline of students taking arts subjects for GCSE, V&A Innovate will introduce young people at Key Stage 3 to core design principles used in industry and prepare them for the new GCSE. The programme will be able to be delivered over a term, an after school club or even intensively over one day.

Inspired by the various exhibitions currently on at the V&A, including ‘Cars: Accelerating the Modern World’ and ‘Food: Bigger than the plate’, V&A Innovate is designed to equip young people with the confidence and skills to develop solutions for real-world issues.

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